I've set up aplatanaos.wordpress.com along with other people, a blog about Technology, art, games, geeky news in general and a bit of crazy.
Why? Not enough of that in Spanish! In English we've wired and BoingBoing, and Makezine and LinuxJournal and FreeSoftwareMagazine and a ton of good content sites.

In Spanish we've to settle for FayerWayer, and personal blogs of techies who might or might not have a good grasp of writing, and more often than not cover only focused topics, not the wide variety that could be offered.

So, to start, we're doing news on interesting topics and calling people's attention to good (techie) material, BoingBoing-style. We're still getting up to speed, but we'll soon be covering gaming news, and from then on... well, time will tell, but it'd be great to have a good geeky site, spanning many interests and topics, in Spanish.

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