There's a person who publishes how to move form Xubuntu, Ubuntu and Lubuntu to Kubuntu painlessly.As in Ubuntu 11.10 the sane GNOME 2.x desktop was banished, I found it necessary to move.

LXDE may be lightweight, but I didn't feel too comfy in it. I've not been a KDE fan: we started our relationship with the wrong foot.

In any case, I moved to KDE. You can customize his scripts to only remove a Desktop Environment by removing the last part of the long, long command: "&& sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop", so if you moved to LXDE or Xfce, you can remove all trace of the bloaty GNOME 3.x desktop that the people at Canonical seem to support.

The link to the site:
This is the first time I've participated in a Programming contest, and I'm faring well.
My team placed third in the national competition, the regional preliminaries. In November we'll compete in the Caribbean Region contest, and then we'll see. The competition looks pretty tough from here, and there is a huge gap between the first, second and third places in the contest I was a part of, so the hope that we'll go through to the next level is pretty slim.

I think this is good, given that the ACM restricts students to 2 Finals or 5 Regional contests; we'll be spending one of our Regional chances, but will have chance to prepare for the Finals better. If somehow we were to pass on to the Finals right now, and I'm just being realistic here, we'd lose.

We'll try our best, however. Having a good placing among four or five countries is good enough for me. A nice experience anyways. I'll try and take pics, "or it didn't happen", as they say. There are some on Facebook and some on Google +, but I think those can't be seen by everyone. Try to if you want to. Pictures and video titles are of the "competencia nacional de programación" or "después de la competencia nacional de programación" sort.

Have a nice one, I certainly will.