Malcolm Gladwell makes a point, as have some other researchers... and I'm guessing it was common knowledge even before. What I'm trying to say is: practice makes perfect. So I'll write a cute little app to track the hours dedicated to activities and so it's easier to keep track how near you are to being a virtuoso in the area.

Why would anyone do that? Well, just for the hell of it. And because I want to be a good drummer rather badly. And why not? Maybe it'll even help some of my friends track how close they are to being virtuosos in their online games...

And it should be a good chance to practice Javascript and using canvas, if I make it work like tiddlywiki or some reasonable simile. I think a pet project might be gestating.

Just for the record, some features a toy like this would have:
-It must work locally.
-Bars graph: activities and percentage of goal hours.
-Lines graph: activity hours per day / per week / per month
-It must work in at least two different OSes. That might be a good reason to make it html+javascript.

And just maybe, maybe there would be a variant hosted somewhere, so people could just log in and track their stuff. Some ads and SEO later, I'm guessing some decent money might be coming in because of traffic. Only, what would this be named so that people can find it? ""? ""? ""? No, no that one, it is taken at the moment.

I'll stop talking, get some sleep, have a fun day tomorrow and then... then we'll see.

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